Calibration Blocks 15 Jun 2019
Calibration Blocks

Calibration Blocks is an important supplementary material in the Ultrasonic testing, used to calibrate the sensitivity of the ultrasonic flaw detector and ultrasonic problem used to Calibration Block

Calibration Wedges 20 Jun 2019
Calibration Wedges

Ultrasonic equipment used to develop weld or material flaw detection and sizing, need to be calibrated prior to the inspection, so one of the mandatory calibrations is the well known time base calibration...

Calibration Specime 25 Jun 2019
Calibration Specime

We would like to Introduce you our product Range for NDT Specimens for Level II Training, Practice, & Qualification i.e. for ASNT-TC-1A, PCN, BS EN ISO 9712 , API and other Certification...

Phased array Block 30 Jun 2019
Phased array Block

Calibration Block is used during the initial setup and calibration of a phased array ultrasonic unit. This block can be used to perform tasks such as beam angle verification, calibration for wedge delay, ...