Calibration SpecimeBack

25 Jun 2019

Precision Repair and Calibration services will ensure that measuring instruments and equipment continue to perform accurately, even over time and with hard use. Properly maintained and routinely calibrated instruments can provide years of service and reliable measurement.

Calibration Repairs is an important supplementary material in the Ultrasonic testing , used to calibrate the sensitivity of the ultrasonic flaw detector and ultrasonic probe. Our range of UT, Advance UT and Eddy current block are manufactured to prescribed quality parameters and standard and are duly compiling to prescribed standards of Local authority of manufacturing and also to International Standards

There is no cost-saving measure that is more important than protecting the safety of people who work to unlock vital energy resources. With our expertise and extensive equipment fleet, we can provide many underwater repair & maintenance tooling requirements to support asset management programmes.

  • Most current products have a two week turn-around. Ultimate time depends on parts availability.
  • Calibration and adjustments.
  • Instrument repair
  • Replacement parts